Elevate Your Business Using The Virtual World

Invite your audience to tour, interact, immerse, learn and even talk with your business, from anywhere!

Why Choose Virtually Interactive?

Fully Interactive      Web Integration      Customizable Experience   •   Learning & Training Tool

How Does It Work?

Virtually Interactive is a complete simulation of any location, be it a street, a building, a facility, or layers of each of those elements combined. It’s a powerful marketing tool to show your customers who you are and what you offer.


Start with your story. We work with you to map out your custom tour.
Assets are compiled, aerial images, 360-degree photo and branding.

Custom interaction points, or Hotspots, can be added anywhere within the tour. Hotspots are the essence of Virtually Interactive moving the visitor to a place or object.


And done. The tour is launched and hosted on your own website for your audience to explore.

Don’t have the assets? We can gather assets for you!

We will arrange the production of any assets you need. Such as hiring photographers for photography and panorama photos. Hiring drone operators for video, drone footage, and aerial photos. We can also write your content for you, create branded graphics, and even touchup your existing photos.

What Are The Benefits?

Fully Interactive

We can easily add your own 360 tours, photos, videos, information, brand graphics and audio inside Virtually Interactive, allowing for every aspect to be visible, interactable and memorable.

Learning/Training Tool

Turn each interaction into a learning experience with fun facts, quizzes, or even integrated video and audio.

Web integration

Guests can visit your website from within the tour, and easily transition back to the tour. Bonus your tour can even be added to Google Maps and be used for online shopping!

Will It Work For Me?

Virtually Interactive is a customizable experience. A perfect fit for: 

Lets’ work together to elevate your business into a Virtually Interactive powerhouse.

Stories Are Powerful, Tell Yours!

Virtually Interactive is a joint innovation from BubbleUP Marketing and Consumer Strategies Group (CSG).

Both companies are full service marketing agency located in Edmonton, Alberta and have over 30 years of expertise combined.
BubbleUP currently serves between 500-700 clients, from small start up businesses to large corporations.
CSG has been uniquely focused on the real estate vertical since its inception.